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Nancy Nguyen - 20 - Texas - 2nd generation mixed child. Instagram: @Planbie
My loves: Family, The Iron Giant, Pokemon, Supernatural, food diary, abstract thoughts, Disney, corny jokes, books, cute animals, Lee Min Ho, Spiderman, mayonnaise, Vanessa Hudgens, interracial couples, The Walking Dead, Marina Diamandis, teeth
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sometimes i just

a lot of times

Best use of a cat

Y’all’s cats are chill.

I’d lose my face.


Have you ever felt a potential love for someone ? Like , you don’t actually love them and you know you don’t , but you know you could . You know that you could easily fall in love with them .

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how I leave uncomfortable situations

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do you ever just sit around and think I’m in my twenties.


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Anonymous: So I kinda am crushing on you. But I feel like I annoy you everytime we talk and your're just being polite:/. Plus we don't even know each other that well ha

If you tell me in person then i will explain to you

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The ground-breaking metamorphosis scene in the Michael Jackson short film ‘Black or White’ released in 1991

this is still pretty groundbreaking and its been almost 22 years

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Remember back in 5th grade, when everyone vowed not to ever do drugs

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